Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pastor of the "Most Reviled" Congregation in America

House Chaplain Patrick Conroy, S.J.

Father Patrick Conroy, S.J. is the Chaplain for the House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  House Speaker John Boener (R-OH 8th ) nominated the formerly Oregon based Jesuit last May as Republicans took the helm in the 112th Congress.

During an interview with Jesuit Magazine, he was asked if his flock was the most reviled congregation in the country.  Conroy quipped that he had been a chaplain at San Quinton prison, but that he was not making any comparisons

Seriously, Conroy notes that many members are faith filled. While some are firmly convicted others hope that they are acting in faith.  But how practicing one’s faith is manifest depends upon their poltical stife as some believe that caring for the poor is the role for churches. Conversely, others apply social justice through ever expanding government programs for the War on Poverty.

When Chaplain Conroy ministers to Members of the House, he invokes the advice of St. Thomas Aquinas to follow one’s  conscience and to be honest with oneself.

Conroy was coy about his convictions as the House Chaplain needs to be neutral on matters of public policy.  That being said, Conroy urged constituents to communicate with their Congressmen, even if that politician was not their pick, as the Member is still representing you.

H.t: Jesuit

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