Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sounding the Alarm for Religious Liberty

Eric Metaxas, the author of Amazing Grace and Bonhoeffer,  and Ruth Institute founder Jennifer Roback Morse, team up in a short but compelling video to expose the HHS mandate as not  only a threat to religious freedom but to the United States.

Some may scoff that the Obamacare qualified health plan mandate does not force individuals to go against their will in using contraception, sterilizations and abortafacients.  Besides, President Obama claims that they won't even have to pay for those services but insurance companies will bankroll the "free" services.  To add insult to injury, the same day the President announced this so called compromise in February, HHS Secretary Sebelius published the final rules that remained unchanged since August 2011. Oh, and the "free" abortions will be funded by taxing every American $2 a month for these services.

This Acton Institute video was adept at noting that it is not just insurance coverage that is repugnant to religious liberty.  The Federal Government, through the cudgel on the HHS mandate, will force Catholic Hospitals to offer services like abortion or else face crippling fines and the threat of being taken over by Uncle Sam.

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