Friday, March 29, 2013

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows

Pieta by Salvador Dali (1982)

Let me live at your side, my Mother,
and be the companion of your bitter solitude and profound pain.
Let my soul feel your eyes' sad weeping 
and the abandonment of your heart. 

On the road of my life
I do not wish to savor the joy of Bethlehem,
adoring the child Jesus in your virginal arms. 
I do not wish to enjoy the amiable presence 
of Jesus Christ in the humble little house of Nazareth.
I do not care to accompany you in your glorious Assumption
to the Angels' choir.

For my life, I covet the jeers and mockery of Calvary;
the slow agony of your Son,
the contempt, the ignominy, the infamy of His cross.
I wish to stand at your side, most sorrowful Virgin,
strengthening my spirit with your tears,
consuming my sacrifice with your martyrdom,
sustaining my heart with your solitude,
loving my God and your God
with the immolation of my being.


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