Sunday, December 22, 2013

Savage Hate Speech?

As the A&E network suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for comments published in GQ  magazine which paraphrased 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 of examples of egregious sinfulness, homosexual activists have been seeking publicity calling for the show's cancellation. In case Phil Robertson's comments concerning homosexuals isn't enough for the celebrity sacrifice,   Progressive fellow travelers have been piling on to the public feeding frenzy pointing to Phil Robertson's un-acrimonious experiences working side-by-side with black in the pre-Civil Rights South.

These ad-hominem attacks lack the charity to even read Phil Robertson's comments in context and entirety.  Phil Robertson has been painted as a "hater" so he must be destroyed, as a Bible believing Christian can not share his faith in the public square if it does not conform to the liberal fascism's politically correct version of the "new normal" which is the party line today. Phil Robertson was such a "hater" (sic) that he received news of his A&E suspension while praying with a church member afflicted with cancer.

Dan Savage is an outspoken homosexual writer who has published the "Savage Love" sexual advice column since 1991.  Savage  also has been heavily involved in founding the "It Gets Better Project" since 2010, which is meant to counsel teenagers questioning their sexuality and those who choose to embrace alternative lifestyles from committing suicide.  As noble as those Savage's endeavors may be, Savage has repeatedly made at best intemperate remarks aimed at his "enemies".  In 2012, Savage was speaking at an anti-gay bullying high school rally when he insulted bible believing Christians and taunted teens who walked out as making a "pansy assed move".  Recently, Savage offered a "dangerous idea" on Australian television that abortions should be mandatory for women under the age of 30.  Where was the hue and cry from the media?   What is hate speech? Does it really get better?  

As George Orwell asserted in Animal Farm (1945)   "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others."  

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