Thursday, March 13, 2014

Missiological Meditation

The earth is the only road that can lead us to heaven.  There is no other.  And the earth is not an idea, an argument, an abstraction or a concept.  It is not even a law.  It is a thing, a gigantic thing, a great tangled swarming mass of things: it is a universe.

And because we must be led to God by things, they have therefore within them everything that is needed for the divine fulfillment of this task.  It is, strictly speaking, their main role. 

Around us, Providence has placed hosts of silent messengers who can lead us without effort by paths of love to the holy springs of peace.

Wood, water, fishes, the morning dew, the cock crowing at dawn, should all be able to inspire our prayer.  Clothes and flowers, perfumes and pearls, the wind whistling past, the bread on the table, the jug, chair and roof… all these things have been sanctified, all these things have been loaded with blessing and divine inspiration by the Word.

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