Thursday, September 10, 2015

On Thanking God and Letting Go of the Past

Miguel Ruiz on Thanking God

Miguel Ruiz is an New Age author influenced by Toltec spirituality.  His book "The Four Agreements" (1997) advocates personal freedom and avoiding things that create limitations and unhappiness in our lives.

Seeing Ruiz's aphorism within a Christian context, we can appreciate overcoming the self-imposed limitations which trap our potential.  Some faithful Christians can be burdened with  bad choices and sin that discourage us from metanoia and being our true selves from baptism.

Part of Catholic spirituality is a sacramental notion of confession.  We examine our conscience, admit our shortcomings, resolve to change and let go of the past with a sacramental absolution.  Some low church Protestants question why the faithful have to go through a priestly confessor as an intermediary.  But silently saying "Sorry" to God without soul searching and the ignominy of articulating these shortcomings that is also accompanied by the Father's blessing seems like what Dietrich Bonhoeffer would call "cheap grace".

The problem is that some penitants go through the process but do not let go of the weight of sin that continues to drag them down .  Thus embracing Ruiz notion of thanking God by letting go and living in the present moment seems like a wonderful way to embrace our place as part of the New Creation.

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