Sunday, October 23, 2016

On Wasting Time with the Lord

Pope Francis on Eucharistic Adoration and Wasting Time with the Lord

Silent prayer before the Lord can be challenging in this day and age.  For those not sequestered away in a contemplating monastery, it is hard enough to block out enough time and block out the world to "waste time with the Lord".  But it also is counter to an impulse to approach the Divine with a laundry list of supplication, either for ourselves or for the world.

Sitting in silence and reverence, especially in Eucharist Adoration, offers the opportunity for God to speak to us.  Rarely is it words or an apparition, but it is giving the Trinity space to convict us of whispers in our lives that are drown out by the clutter of our very existence.

Silent adoration can also express a reverence for the gift of salvation and remembering His sorrowful passion which bought us back from the wages of sin.

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