Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Agonizing Ecclesial Re-Appraisals Between the Beltways

Two parishes in the Washington, DC Metro Area need to make agonizing reappraisals about their parishes.  Their struggles epitomize challenges of keeping the faith along with what church means during these turbulent times.

The historic Falls Church (Anglican) in Northern Virginia lost its six year battle with the Episcopal Church of the United States after it broke away from the denomination over the ordination of openly gay and incelebate bishops and the blessing of same sex unions. Now the large and vibrant Anglican faith community will lose rights to their church building, but not their congregation nor their steadfast faith.

In the Nation’s Capitol, St. Aloysius Catholic Church needs to choose how the congregation wants to reorganize as the Society of Jesus withdraws from leading the parish after 153 years.

Both parishes have to discern what is essential to the practice of their faith, how their faith is best formed and what sacrifices must be endured to achieve that end.

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