Friday, April 13, 2012

Lunacy in Luton

This compelling video features a young woman who returned to her hometown of Luton, England and she dares to dialogue with the "South Asians" exercising their free speech rights.  As it turns out, the Muslim protest was over the detention of the wife of the Jule-tide Jihadi from Stockholm in December, 2010.

The calls from the peaceful mob of"UK Go to Hell" and "British Police Go to Hell" expresses their outrage over a secular British government using their police power on a faithful Muslim.  The three telling exchanges was a woman in a niqab and a burka who tells the young British woman to put on clothing because she was "naked".  When the stunned Britsh woman retorted "I don't judge you", she was pointed told: "I am judging you" by the Muslim woman in black.  Finally, the native Luton woman spoke with Muslim men about politics.  She was told that Muslims would obey a Muslim government but that secular governments could go to Hell. 

Don't doubt the drive for dhimmitude.  Such suggestions of Sharia is not limited to the Muslim faithful but it is a holistic theopolitical viewpoint which does not tolerate religious pluralism.

h/t: Mark Shea, National Catholic Register

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