Monday, September 17, 2012

Christophobia in Sitcoms--That's Not Funny

In 2004, Tyler Perry revealed he had been approached to produce a TV comedy series, but the successful actor/director and performing arts impressario turned it down because it could not be religious.   Eventually, Perry was able to strike a $200 million deal over five years to produce edgy comedies like the House of Payne and For Better or Worse, deals with moral failings and religion on the small screen, albeit on cable.

Some may argue that people just want to laugh while watching entertainment television and not be preached at.  Other analysis opines that Hollywood just looks to the bottom line and will give the people what they want.  Accepting these arguments pro arguendo, why has there been the explosion of television shows that "celebrates diversity" by prominently featuring homosexual characters and gay themes?  Based on prime-time television, one would think that 25% of the American population was involved in such an alternative lifestyle.

It is great to see some diversity on television.  However, it seems that secular humanist forces which champion same sex "marriage" are using entertainment arms to regularize their perspective.  Considering the strong support of traditional marriage in polling and at the ballot box, it is folly to claim that these executive entertainment decisions are simply giving the people what they want or not alienating significant audiences.  Yet when faithful Christians like Tyler Perry try to incorporate their world view into their art, they hit a brick wall on network broadcast television.

It would be refreshing if advocates of "diversity" included philosophical and political diversity into their spheres and did not ostracize Christian world views from the mainstream media marketplace.

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