Saturday, September 1, 2012

Salvific History Sand Sculptures

Salvific History sand sculpture by Randy Hofman, Ocean City, MD 2009   [photo: BD Matt]

Randy Hofman, a 61 year old Ocean Pines, MD, has been making biblical sand sculptures to vacationers on the Delmarva shore since 1974 and Hofman has been doing it singularly since 1981. From the beginning of April to the end of October, it is Hofman's mission to bring the Christian message to the Ocean City boardwalk.  During the winter, Hofman concentrates on his paintings, but also does wood carvings and prints.

Randy Hofman works on a Sand Sculpture

Hofman estimates that it can take up to 15 hours to construct his elaborate biblical sand sculptures as he only uses a square shovel and a crab picking knife. This is remarkable for a sand canvas that can be 10 feet tall and 40 feet long.  Over the years, Hofman has done well over a thousand spiritual sand sculptures

Hofman never abandons a project and can sometimes work until dawn to complete the work.   While he does put a coating of Elmer's glue to give the sand sculpture some longevity, it is still prone to the elements and can be marred by a heavy rain or a crass carousing delinquent.

Hofman made Christian themed sand sculpting into a full time ministry in 1981. He also became an ordained minister in 1985.  He will occasionally evangelize as he works with the shifting grains of sand and will also engage with inquisitive passers-by.

 Hofman seems to revel that his handiwork prompts kids to ask their parents what it is all about.  The artist opined: ""I want it to click so that even someone who is spiritually ignorant can understand."

Divine Forgiveness by Randy Hofman (2009)   [photo: BD Matt]
Gratitude for Sacrifice on the Cross by Randy Hofman (2009)   [photo: BD Matt]

Glorified Resurrected Jesus  by Randy Hofman  (2009)   [photo: BD Matt]

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h/t: Randy Hofman

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