Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Misguided Prayers to POTUS?

A YouTube video has gone viral which features a child praying to Barack Obama.

Some of the verbiage used did not seem like it would naturally come from the mouth of babes.  In addition, at one point the boy pauses and he is softly prompted off camera.  Thus it is shocking that such sacrilege is being inculcated by adults.

Protestants often protest at the Catholic practice of praying to saints.  But Catholics are quick to distinguish their veneration (regarding with great respect) and worshiping.  Since Catholics believe that Saints are already eternally alive and in paradise, it is asking a spiritual big brother for help when petitioning the divine.

While the blasphemous blurb from the boy does mention that  "God has given you special gifts", when one listens closely to the viral video, he thanks Barack Obama for all the gifts he has received.  That certainly sounds like worship to me, said on one's knees no less.

Such misguided prayers should not be surprising considering the near cult of personality which the Lamestream Media has portrayed the President. Prior to his election in 2008, Mark Motford perpetuated the myth of Obama as a Light Worker or enlightened being.  In 2009, Newsweek journalist Evan Thomas opined that Obama was standing over the world, a sort of God. In 2010, Newsweek continued this meme portraying Obama in the style of an Indian God with many arms.

Moreover, there were a spate of photos framed so that Obama looked like he had a halo.  And Mr. Obama seemed to have trouble mentioning God when reciting portions of the Declaration of Independence. 

Aside from obvious illusions which put Obama on a divine plain, the elite liberal media has made it taboo to give President Obama a hard question much less satirize him.  Last week, Drew Johnson, who was the managing editorial editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press was fired after he pushed an unsigned editorial piece entitled: "Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It."  In April 2012, Larry Conners was fired from St. Louis TV station KMOV after asking President Obama hard questions in what the White House intended as a softball local media interview. 

And consider the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair i who dared to wear a mask of the President while doing his entertainment job.  Missouri's Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO), Lieutenant Governor Pete Kinder (R-MO)  and Senator Claire McCaskell (D-MO) all offered apologies.  In addition, the Missouri State Fair issued a lifetime ban on the masked rodeo clown.  
American culture is being led to a point where the President is being put on a pedestal and made beyond reproach. This harkens back to sensibilities of divine rulers when is was a crime and blasphemy to question the monarch. It is dubious if other Presidents are part of this pantheon of unquestionable leaders.  And shouldn't progressives be supporting the separation of Church and State? 

Perhaps another self described rodeo clown was prescient.  In October 2008, Glenn Beck produced "The Obama Anthem" set to the Soviet State Anthem as a piece of election agiprop as well as promoting his premiere on Fox News Channel in 2009.

The messianic allusions as well as the hallmarks of the imagined reign ring poignantly today. 


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