Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sistine Chapel Seagull

As the world awaits a smoke signal from the Sistine Chapel for the result from the second afternoon of the Conclave voting, a strange sight can be seen on the smokestack.

A seagull has been persistently  perched on top of the temporary chimney on the Sistine Chapel.  The seagull has remained there for over a half hour and caught the attention of the crowd in St. Peter's Square as well as the media.

The crowd that has been patiently waiting in the rain for Wednesday afternoon's results were entertained when two seagulls fought it out for the Petrine perch.

Usually the Holy Spirit is manifest as a dove, so it is unlikely to be a sign of the Trinity.  More likely, this seagull is what Senator John McCain (R-AZ) might call a "Wacko Bird".

 It is unclear what will happen when there is Holy Smoke signals.


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